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Bitcoin Fake transaction to Excellence

Flash Bitcoin Sender is a tool what help you send Fake Bitcoin into blockchain as a prank for your friends. Flash Bitcoin Sender is a tool{cryptoscheme} what help you send Fake Bitcoin into blockchain as a prank for your friends. The coins will act just like the real coin but will vanish from blockchain after 90 days. Prank your friends with your wallet.

Send fake crypto transactions to anyone either Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) which flashes in the users’s Binance, Bybit or Coinbase wallet, get withdrawal (sender) or deposit (receiver) confirmation emails and transaction on the blockchain network. See below for ongoing transactions using this system and the receipt samples that would be generated either from Coinbase , blockchain or Binance.

How It Works

Flash BTC Transaction program is designed for educational purposes to flash bitcoins to any wallet address for any amount and reverse the transaction anytime. The bitcoins are transferable & spendable. It can be transferred to multiple wallets. It can be tracked from blockchain explorer in a real time basis using TX ID, hash, block or address. This program is completely intended for educational purposes. We do not encourage anybody for any sort of harmful activities. Use it at your own risk.

bitcoin fake transaction


Best Flash BTC Supports Window and Mac operating system. No professional pc needed to run the software, software works in computers as low as windows 7 , 4gb Ram minimum required.


Unleash the power of Bitcoin Flashes with CryptoFlashHub. Our cutting-edge flashes redefine crypto transactions with swift, seamless moves that disappear like magic after a set time, ensuring ultimate discretion. Enjoy full tradability, giving you the flexibility to maneuver in the crypto world effortlessly. Trusted by thousands, our flashes prioritize security, offering a user-friendly experience suitable for crypto enthusiasts of all levels. The cost of this enlightenment? A mere $500. Step into the future of crypto with CryptoFlashHub – Illuminate, Flash, Thrive!

Types of Flashes

1. **Bitcoin Flash:** - *Description:* Simulated transactions that mimic authentic Bitcoin transfers, disappearing after a predefined period. - *Key Properties:* Fully tradable, transferable, splitable, and swappable. 2. **USDT Flash:** - *Description:* Simulated transactions for Tether (USDT) with similar disappearing properties. - *Key Properties:* Mirrors real USDT transfers, providing tradable, transferable, splitable, and swappable assets. 3. **XRP Flash:** - *Description:* Simulated transactions for Ripple (XRP), designed to vanish after a specified time. - *Key Properties:* Offers the same tradable, transferable, splitable, and swappable features as real XRP transfers.

why choose our software

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